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Once a marine biologist, for the purpose of the research experiment put a shark into a huge tank. He then released a few tiny baitfish into the same tank. The tiny fish, in no time, became the meal of the shark, as expected. Taking the experiment to the next level, fiberglass was used as a partition in the tank and the shark stayed on one side.

Once again a set of bait fish was released into the tank but on the other side of the partition. Seeing the fish, tried to attack them but got dashed with the fiberglass.

The shark continues the attempts for several days and finally gave up. Once the shark gave up the fiberglass was removed but those baitfish were still in the tank.

Now the shark did not attack as it was assuming the false barrier in the tank.


Moral: It is a natural instinct in people to give up after a few failures. The story motivated to keep attempting your target with your hard work and not accepting the situation.



Sam, a merchant had a great burned on money to be owned to a money lander named Tom. A day came when no more money was given and even the chance to pay the debt has also gone.


The clouds of tension started to form in the mind of Sam. He had a beautiful daughter and she was very much affectionate with her father. Tom got an evil idea to trap Sam. He put forward a deal to Sam, that if he marries his daughter to him, he would wave off all the money. Sam was in a great dilemma as Tom was not good looking and he knew that he was an evil-minded person.


Tom proposed a new deal. They were standing on a ground where there were black and white mix pebbles. Tom said that he would take two pebbles in his hand, one white and the other black. The daughter has to pick the white one and if she succeeds in choosing the white one Tom will wave off the debt and shall not marry his daughter as well. But if she fails to select the right one then Tom will write off the debt but will marry his daughter. The deal was clear. Tom bent to pick the pebbles from the ground. The daughter was given three chances to choose the right one. Tom felt the victory and there was a sign of happiness in his smile. The father, on the other hand, felt lost and dejected by the circumstances. He was in sorrow as he knew that he was going to lose his daughter.

But something happens while the thoughts were going on. The girl picked the pebble from the hand of Tom and 'accidentally' dropped the pebble on the ground. Oop! Then she asked Tom which pebble he had on his other hand, of course, the blank was the answer.

The color of Tom's and Sam's face changed. Tom had to sign off all the debt and set her daughter free.

Moral: Not every problem in life needs hard work and dedication to solve it; sometimes creative thinking can win the situation too.




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