Motivational Stories for You to Keep Going

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There are two types of students - one who has an inborn instinct to learn new things and venture into new ideas and the others are those who look around for the successful lives of people around them which motivates them to learn further.

But this is not all, some students search for the immense motivation from their parents and teachers that can push them to work hard.

Stories are the epic platform that encourages the students to generate love and interest in their field. Hence, the teachers use such motivational stories to provoke motivation into the minds and hearts of students in any area of education.

The stories are taken to motivate students are picked from a folk treasure of stories with moral values and preaching, real-life examples of successful people or either they are taken from the general life stories of people around.

Here are 2 of such stories that can motivate students and play the role of a strong platform on which they can build the castle of their successful life.




One day a man was passing by and came across something unusual. He saw a group of giant elephants standing a place that was tied by a small rope on their front leg. The man was amazed thinking that the huge elephants are tied with just a feeble rope are not making slightest of efforts to free themselves.


The man noticed an elephant trainer who was standing beside his elephants. He approached the trainer with the intention of getting his mind cleared. The trainer explained that when these elephants are small, they are tied with a rope that is capable enough to hold them. But then, as they grow up their mind is conditioned to accept the fact that the rope can still hold them back and is unbreakable.


Moral: The elephants were bound by their own false notion. Similarly, people stop working hard towards their life goals just with the reason that they once failed. They make themselves believe that they can never succeed. Hence, one must never stop trying and get trapped in one's own false beliefs.




A man faced disappointments uncountable times in his life, still never closed the chapter of hard work. His hard work got paid in the latter part of his life. The man is non-other than Colonel Harland Sanders.

This man was dropped out in his seventh grade. He tried various business start-ups but ended in disaster. He decided to sell chicken at the age of 40 and dreamt of establishing a restaurant. But due to conflicts and wars, his dream never came true.

His failures were still not enough to put down the fire of motivation burning in his heart. He then attempted to franchise his restaurant. The destiny was playing games with him; his recipe got rejected 1009 times before it got the final approval.

No sooner did his recipe got approved, his "Kentucky Fried Chicken" the first preference of the world. The KFC grew its wings worldwide and the company got sold for 2 million dollars. The face of the mastermind got imbibed as the logo forever.

Moral: Is the reason for your not trying, the constant rejects or downfalls that you have faced? Think again! Do you have the heart to accept 1009 rejections? Even if you have failed many times, the number has not reached 1009. So once again jump into your venture and make it a success.



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