Sense of Being

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We have a wrong conception about Life. We think that whatever happens to us is what we call “Life”. But the reality is that the very living-ness that we are is called life.

Life is not something that is apart from you, or you are seeing it from a distance. Life has many forms and you are in oneness with it.


Whatever happens in your life arises alongside with you. Whatever circumstances or thing happens, nothing is separate. Everything in life is interdependent.


Nonetheless, life is a concept that depends on the surroundings and is understood and believed as what has a beginning, a middle, and an end.


If you remove all the coverings of presupposed notions about life and dive into the experience of your living, then for sure you will realize that only this very present moment which encompasses your awareness-of-being is what is important. It is with this moment that you experience it with the creativity of expression – this is the sole thing that can take place in this present second.


The fact is, the knowledge and experience of this present awareness – is your principle form, the real you. All apart from this is just an assumption. Everything except this present moment is just an image or an imaginary vision that is architected by memory and mind.


Unless and until you become aware of the unbounded horizon of awareness of your entire sense of being - you tend to miss this precious moment, as it would not exist. Your impersonal presence is the result of all that is already known and inexperience.


When you have no realization of your true self, it is when the suffering occurs. The contradicting truth is that the Presence never left you, but the illusory creations made by the mind is the sole obstruction in having acquaintance with the real you.


Every constant and stagnant experience that your very presence is giving you – you exist in everything that is occurring around you.

The one who is always with you, the real you, the one who sees through your eyes and hears through your ears, that converts the knowledge into the known, is not the imaginary you, but the true “you”.

Everything is you. Nothing exists apart from you but your true existence is not limited you your physical body; because your presence encloses whatever is arising within the penetrating awareness is what is – the self.


The entire universe resides within you, as you.

Actually whatever seems to happen, happens within your consciousness. But the mind applies its conditioning, subjective bias, vantage, and gathered knowledge – you are just the witness of the situation.


The mind is the main master that gives shape to life with the equipment of analysis and conceptual notions. Furthermore, it applies this notion to everything that it perceives. The mind is the only one that makes the tree of ideas, and it also is the creator of perception of you and me. Though, neither the mind nor life takes place directly on its own. If you choose to stay stagnant and unchanged awareness which is stable below every emotion and experience; just a silent, still and embracing everything that arises internally.

Human being tends to generate duality of life-based on intangible notions and reflect that onto everything. These perceptions are nothing more than a reflection of your shaded beliefs. To simplify this, your belief will make things come into reality.


Hence, the perceived duality is just the imagined one.


Belief covers the reality as it is just an illusion; its untruthful conclusions fail to be absolute.

Because we believe that it exists, the thing does. How does this happen? To exemplify this, suppose you have a thought which you have conceptually determined, to which you have applied a specific name, label, and relative meaning to it, and have attached your known belief; seems to appear or exist in reality.

A form that your thought takes, is the estimation that your mind makes. This estimation is an idea used by the mind to understand the ultimate formlessness of the true form. Anything in this universe; in its true sense is devoid of any definition, classification or meaning – whatever exists is the creation of the perceiving mind.

All that is there which the mind perceives and taking place around us is – the dream of life. Whatever we think, feel, people around, experience – each of these is an illusionary creation of the mind. This illusion seems real as we pour our trust in its false appearance.

The moment you are out of this master of illusion, nothing exists. Whatever is there within – personal problem, sense of dissatisfaction, and upset emotion; works on the fuel of your attention. Unless you feed your attention, in the boundary of awareness, nothing can be experienced, - what we see as life.

The undivided unity of consciousness is divided by the mind into numerous bits and pieces, and further, it also provides the name to various distinguished forms on which it implies subjective judgments.

If we minimize the spectrum of our attention on just the cataloging nature of the capacity of the mind to identify the infinite element within each moment, then the obvious thing is that we tend to miss the utter bliss of our being, which is the true reality that each moment uncovers.

Another level of benefit when the mind awakens from the vague concepts and judgment of its conditioning is that one attains the clarity of ‘Self’ naturally.


The moment you start to disbelieve the illusionary stores and ideas created by the mind and empty it from all such false beliefs – the false personal and other emotional problems get evaporated into the brightness of pure and undistracted awareness.

When a person is in the stage of self-realization in life, at eternal bliss of contentment outshines the egoistic delusion which removes all the bondages and uncovers your natural essence leaving you free to ‘Be’.



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