The Kundalini

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All ancient religions and cultures talk about the mystery of Kundalini; a form of spiritual energy which is the end of the Kundartiguador organ.

Sivananda (Swami 1887-1963) termed it "Divine Mother - the Magic Powers Igneous Serpent." Kundalini is the source of the supernatural powers. Its meaning is derived from Atlantis; Kunda is Kundartiguador, and the terminal is lini, the Kundartiguador organ's endpoint.

Kundalini is the twisted binary myth; the ancient Aztecs termed it “Xihcoatls." The serpent has a dual polarity, and we can notice this in Aztec Calendar or Sun Stone; Serpents, which open the mouth and a blond head, can be noticed from one of them; Tonatiu. Within the ancient Hebrew, it was the Healing Serpent and Tempting Serpent. Python was the swamp's serpent between the ancient Greeks also survived that binary. With these darts, Apollo killed it. The Aesculapius serpent is curved in the medic badge.


Kundartiguador and Kundalini were always against each other, and they will forever remain. For a more suitable representation of this hostility, we have the myth of Krishna; he becomes the solar star at the age of fifteen years asked the patriarch Nanda he felt terrible not to get proper information about his mother. Nanda stated that she had left her homeland. Down, Krishna moved to Mont Neu, and one-day while walking, he got an old-man. They both keep on staring at each other for a few moments. The Krishna did not remain stable and urged the old-man, “where I can get my mother.” The response was, “your mommy is with that one that is impossible to change, step on the serpent after killing the bull.” The old-man becomes transparent and disappeared (Internal God). The child moved away from the Mont Neu and asked his friends to move on and step on serpents after killing the bulls. That was in that path; this is psychologic & symbolic. While doing all this, Krishna was totally unaware of his mother; later on, he listened regarding a massive serpent in the Goddess Kali temple. He visited the place and saw the guard Kalayoni; at his spell raised a serpent of green color with red hair. The guard commanded Krishna to praise it or will be killed. Krishna attacked the serpent, and anyhow managed to kill the Kalayoni. Then, Krishna could breathe with his spiritual mother.

The ancient customs and their mythicism told about serpents that murdered a lot of heroes. There are Medusa & Perseus and various others. Even though, in all those circumstances, the primary constituent is the FANTASY and its soporific power to mysticism the truth.


Other evidence about the Kundartiguador organ, such as the connected physical organ to the coccyx, vanished as the time passes; the only thing is left coccyx. The organ of Kundartiguador has a massive potential to hypnotize over us.


This mechanism of hypnotism lets us consider we are vigilant. Perhaps for a few moments, we are conscious; but, later on, we go back sinking into the psychical unconsciousness. That's why we state the primary determinant is the fantasy. Seldom we are ruthless, though, who admits being ruthless. So, clarifications come that is the Kundartiguador force of hypnotic.

Hence, Kundalini awakens us up to the truth. Kundalini is permissible to awakening the divine flame. That divine flame enabled us to understand the truth.

All secret cultures and old serpentine adored that divine flame. Kundalini is the automatic solar flame in our secret morphology.

Myths as traditional as the Atlantis with their incessant flame treasured Kundalini.

Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Mayan, Aztecs, Incas vestals were virgins that hold the flame. As soon as they no longer remain virgins, the fire gets extinguished.

Furthermore, the Sioux, migrant tribe were placed all across the shelter where the fire attack was taken place. Meanwhile, they run to another place the flame was kept in their move.

The same concern is with the Hispanic world on Candelaria Day on February the second. From the everlasting fire, all the Cathedrals get a fire to defend them from immorality.

The Pythagorean told about the divine fire Hestia that strangely implies home also, where they kept the fire.

The Rosicrucian's divine fire; they told it was practicable to get it, and that fire produced from the same fire. Sivananda stated, "Flame of our supernatural powers."

The Pentecost's fire is another source of the Fire's Astral Signature. The name of the Holy Ghost is the combination of the atom in coccyx's base and the pineal organ.

Antique Christian's INRI is IGNIS NATURA RENOVATUM INTEGRAM; the flame steadily renews nature.

The Moses divine flame is the same bush of blackberry, Jeremy stated. Eagerly, it is the fire of Jeremy buried below the earth, and for seventy years, nobody able to discover it.

This is the same fire utilized to finish the golden calf of the bible. When they saw the fire of Jeremy, actually, it was water, not the fire. We understand that analogy deeply; we can assert that the fire's inhabitancy is water. That seems contradictory; the antiquated alchemist mentioned the water the same as mercury - igneous water - seminal thing H-SI-12.

That igneous water is the place where this fire is located with its electrons. It has been formed in various forms. It can be viewed telepathy in its negative mode could be the iced pond Dante Alighieri referred to his novel "The Divine Comedy". That frost is up to the reproductive glands and upto the mouth in others. It is the form this virtue has the ens-seminis -the intimate substance; they spend it. In that iced pond, there is no fire about sex. Though, as soon as it begins the sexual spell, such an iced pond melted.



How To Awaken Kundalini?

Pranayama prepares us and assists us only until we are not rogues. Pranayama is not all. Kundalini is not terrible and just gets in personally with some special characteristics. Samael Aun Weor, one day, urged his Sacred Mother in case there were further approaches to rouse up Kundalini. His Sacred Mother responded the only method was Sahaja Maithuna, i.e., Suprasexuality. That response sad-faced Samael Aun Weor; people are attempting to awake up Kundalini in other ways.

Kundalini observed clairvoyance seems like a tiny serpent coiled 3.5 times in the coccyx. Rousing it up could be a little hurt in the coccyx, angry, and thirsty face and the remaining body.


  1. Ananda: Intense internal peace, joy, and satisfaction
  2. sty Kampam: Sensitivity, hypersensitivity, running chakras
  3. Uthala: Spiritual wisdom that five and make the essence strong
  4. Gurni: Mystical and sacred cravings
  5. Mursha: Relaxing situation makes it easy to meditate
  6. Nidra: Drowsiness healing and empowering Shamadi, conscious sleeping.

However, there are a few other components essential to follow regarding Kundalini. Within each vertebra can spend a long time, and there is an unpleasant happening up to quench the fire.

  • No technician
  • Straight cogitation
  • Straight speaking
  • Straight feel
  • Straight will
  • The straight path to earning a living
  • Straight faithfulness
  • Same partner; same woman, same man, legal wedding
  • Arranging items systematically and conquer trails



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