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There are four behavioural ways to divinity. So, the search is to find which is the actual way to divinity? The topic of our discussion is regarding that one way that will lead us to God.

If we become proficient in developing such a perspective then we will be able to see any part of the world but within ourselves. This is the place where there are lesser probabilities to look at.

But again there is a hurdle in observing the way and that is the interior psychological slavery that stops us from doing so. We are in the clutches of all these; forms, laws, establishment, way of thinking, prejudice, concepts, event, TV etc

We are the owner of free will, but we generally tend to ignore it. Florence Nightingale said, “It is not what destiny does, but what we can do.”

Why Are We Born?

Have we ever given a thought as to what might be the purpose of our taking birth? Real being is the main reason for the existence of our life. The topic is interesting and amazing as well . Different kinds of indications are sent by The Real Being will his entire power. Each one of us whether male or female as his or her being and the main reason for existence (Being) is that one Being.


Nowadays we can experience and can get knowledge about Self Realization, but sadly the concept is not so right. Regarding this, we often listen to interviews with the people who are renowned or not so renowned. They firmly project their state of realization due to the only reason that they might have got married, or born a child or wrote a book, or might have made a movie.


In prehistoric times the concept of Self-Realization was for everyone. There was the Aztecs civilization. When a baby was born, it was just named according to the calendar. For example, if someone born on 4th Cane, then this would be the name given to that baby and should die with the same name. The name of a person in this civilization could be changed only if they make some spiritual and psychological changes. This is the reason why there are numerous Quetzalcoatl's and some with the same name which often put the archaeologists in dilemma. Quetzalcoatl is known to be a level of Self Realization of those people who are born with a specific name according to the calendar and then receive a second name after some interior work.


The primitive solar religion was the abode of the concept of Self Realization. The word religion originated from the Greek word "Religare" which means to combine two separated things. The two separated things indicate to man and Divinity, bringing these two together. In this current era, they are not at all united, the objective is lost.


As time went by, people tend to understand in own way the root meaning of religion. Still, we remember, when Francisco Pizarro imprisoned Atahualpa. From interval to interval Pizarro summoned for Atahualpa with the reason to have a conversation with him. During the conversation, Pizarro noticed that whenever Atahualpa mentioned God in his conversation he used to look the sun into the sky. Atahualpa tried to get a glimpse of the sun by nodding his head from side to side of Pizarro.


There is another well-known fact that the Spanish conquistadors considered the sun, moon and the fire of the Mesoamerica Cultures as god and worshiped them. They were aware of the fact and believed that all these were not more than the delegates of the Divinity.


Slowly and gradually the element called 'ego' took control of humanity. Hence, the temples of the Primitive Solar Religion completely closed their doors. Those temples were the destinations were the ones who wanted to walk on the path of spirituality got prepared, but were closed one by one. Those got closed before they got mocked by the egoistic. Some of those temples walked up to the fourth dimension whereas some got destroyed.


Everything got demolished, just the debris remained. The follower of the old students' of the self-realization made the journey into remote places such as Egypt, Tibet along with old Mayans, Aztecs, ancient Peru and many more.


A wave of destruction begun with burning of Alexandria's Library and slowly nothing remained. The uncompleted ways were the only remains from the burning ashes that remained.





The debris that is collected, each among them is a group of settling. One of these is the Monk Way. The way of the monk contains various concepts such as studies, mystic, religious emotion, cloisters, silence, vow, penitence’s and many more.

 Nonetheless, they do not possess psychological relevance. The Monk Way has is immensely important for self-realization. Each one of them is quite familiar with each other. Due to the circumstances of life, these got vanished and this gave rise to deep egos.


Moreover, the Bible is also not rightly interpreted in the context of the opposite gender; the Elohim was forgotten. Every real religion is originated from the two sexualities. The male and female are the main platforms, hence, "eloh" represents the feminine divinity and the "oth" represents various goods, "im" means the male divinity. The actuality is that female and male are gods. The man and woman were barred from Eden together and will have to return from the same door from where they were excluded.




The next and the second way that comes up is the Faquir. They descend from the East. They walked on the path of the belief that to attain the Divinity one should eradicate the sins. They believed that the body is from where the sins originate. One should punish the body with repentance to forgive the sins.


By this path, we will understand that the physical body is the equipment to attain self-realization. This is the vehicle that helps to reborn the same body at a different level. Paul of Tarsus said, "The temple of living God should not be full of darkness". So there should not be any pressure or torture but just conscious will. The physical body is something that we have borrowed for this journey to self-realization.



The Yogi way is the third which means Union. Numerous types of yogi are present. One of them is the Bhakti Yoga, which takes the path of prayers to lead up to the self-realization. The method of taking various body forms is followed in the Hata Yoga for self-realization. The Raya Yoga, on the other hand, chants mantras. The Kundalini Yoga carries tantrism to attain self-realization; some could define it as black, others white, whereas some others as gray tantrism.

Looking for powers is the business of the yogi. But unfortunately, as time fly’s the ego starts to take the reins of those powers.




At last, we will have look at the fourth way. The fourth way represents the man in balance. This does not mean that the above three methods are incorrect.

The identity of the man in the fourth way is that he does not work under any morals. Such a man usually attains whatever is necessary from the Monk's way, from the Faquir's way and the Yogi's way. This is the ultimate method of a wise man. This is said to be the way of the man with perfect matrimony.

Gurdjieff dedicatedly worked by following the fourth and the ultimate way, but unfortunately, his Divine Mother was forgotten by him. He was not able to; hence, complete his journey of elimination or self-realization.


The fourth way is still just a way, as it is not invented in this era. The niche from the other ways in taken in this way. This way is about the utilization of the mysticism of the monk. The force of the Will is taken from the Faquir; for example, the fast; this is performed to remove the toxins from the organism and observe the performance of this psychology. This way accepts what is required from the Yogi's way.


Three Factors for the Revolution of the Consciousness


Whatever in mandatory is taken and applied in our flesh from the three factors of the revolution of the consciousness; Die Mystically is an important factor to minus our egos. We, here, remember the words of Jesus the Christ, "If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me." (Matthew 16:24). The word 'deny' means to eliminate ire, pride, jealousy and so on from oneself. To eliminate the egos does not mean to convert oneself into a machine or automata; but just that whatever is in pure and real form should come out. It is possible to study, know, observe and comprehend the ego. One who is born mystically should also be studied; the sexual energies should be worked with extremely. This means that, according to the bible, to create the cloth of the marriage. This is explained by Samael Aun Weor where he indicates to create the existential bodies of the Being. Then comes working for mankind which is the third factor. If we are walking towards enlarging our consciousness then this cannot be attained by turning the faces from helping our alikes for humanity. The purpose to help others is that by doing so we are helping ourselves only. The ultimate law is that "one who over helms everyone; that is not just love, but the conscious and unconditional love.


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