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A group of frogs was traveling through woods singing and dancing. During the journey two of them fell into a deep pit. The other frogs standing up there noticed the depth of the pit and decided that the two won't be able to make it up to the top.

The two frogs in the pit started to try hard to get up to the top but they failed several attempts. The other frogs of the group shouted from the top that their efforts are going in vain so they should stop trying.

One frog heard this and accepted the destiny and stopped his attempts of trying. He soon died. The other frog, on the other hand, kept on trying and trying and at last his hard work won over the harsh circumstances. He made up to the top.

The frogs asked him," We were shouting that there is no hope to be alive, still, how did you manage to reach up? He explained the frogs that he was deaf and he was able to make up to the top just due to the encouragement they were giving him.

Moral: The story is the pure example of the lines "No pain no gain". Even if people tell you to stay on the safer side and not take the pain to reach your goal, you should not stop trying and keep listening to the voice of your soul.




There was a professor who once entered into the classroom along with a glass jar, rocks, pebbles, and sand. Something new to be seen by the students today, everyone was looking a bit questioned by seeing all these things. He started with filling the jar with the rocks till there was no more space left to put additional rock. Then he asked the students if the jar was now full and no more space for another rock, everybody nodded in acceptance. Then the next was the pebbles. He started to put pebbles and was traveling through the small space between the rocks. He shook the jar and tried some more pebbles. Then he again asked the same question to the students and the reply was the nodding of the head. At last, now it was the turn of the sand. The professor filled the jar with sand. No minutes of space were now remaining. The entire jar was packed.

The professor then explained the purpose of this experiment was to show how to set the priorities in one's life. The Rock symbolized your family, the pebbles are your career and the sand is the unnecessary priorities, quarrels, and egos.

So if the jar is filled with sand, it leaves no place for rocks and pebbles to accommodate.


Moral: Setting priorities and then walking towards one's goal should be a habit in life and instead of wasting time and effort on unnecessary parts of life; we should work for the development of life.




One day a man happens to see a cocoon while passing by, which was on the verge of opening. The butterfly was struggling for several hours to come out of the cocoon. After the hard try the butterfly gave up and the man saw no progress.

He decided to help the butterfly to come out, so he cut the cocoon with a scissor. He was happy to see that the butterfly could come out easily. But the wings were not yet developed; the body was not strong enough and withered.

The poor butterfly was unable to take the flight and spend the life crawling in pain of wounds.

Moral: Every insect, bird, and animal, has to undergo the law of struggle to survive. They are examples to show the importance of struggle in life.



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