The Perfect Marraige

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Once two families were living nearby. One family often used to quarrel and the other lived with peace and harmony.

The feeling of jealousy got seeded in the mind of the wife and told her husband to find out the reason for such harmony in that other family.

The husband on the order of his wife secretly peeped into the house and started to look for clues of their sound relationship.

He saw the woman of the house was moping the floor. Suddenly something in the kitchen bothered her and she rushed in keeping the bucket where it was. At that very moment, the husband came into the room in a hurry. He accidentally kicked the bucket and water spilled all over the room.

When the wife comes from the kitchen, on seeing the water she apologized to her husband for keeping the bucket in the way. But the husband also asked for forgiveness for not noticing the bucket.

The neighbor who was hiding and watching all this returned home. His wife out of curiosity asked him, “So did you find the reason for their harmony?”

The husband answered with the feeling of guilt and realization, “Unlike us, they accept their own mistakes and apologize.”



Everyone has that moment of a turning point in life, I had mine too. That day I was at the airport waiting for a friend to arrive. I noticed a man walking towards me with two bags with him. He stopped just a couple of feet away from me where his family was waiting for him.

He landed his luggage on the floor and went near his younger son who was about 6 years of age. He hugged him warmly saying,” I am so happy to see you, I missed you.” Then he approached his 9-year-old son and expressed his feelings to him too by a cozy hug and lovely words,” You have grown up to be a young man, I love you so much.”

Now he turned to his cute little daughter who was dazzling out of excitement in her mother’s arm. The father gently carried her and kissed her all over her face and held her gently to his chest. The little out of contentment rested her head on the shoulder of her father. The moment was filled with utter love and satisfaction.

After a few minutes of a hug to her daughter, the man now looked at his wife keeping the best of the emotions in his heart for her. I felt as if they were newly wedded, as they started at each other with a wide smile and a spark in their eyes and kissed each other passionately.

Out of blue, I suddenly asked,” How many years have you been married?’ The man replied,” We are together from 14 years and 12 years of marriage out of them.” I thought he might have been away from his family for days. But I was surprised to hear when I asked him,” We were away for the entire two days!”

With no words in my mouth, I could just say,” Hope my marriage has the same spark after 12 years.”

To my words, the man penetrated through my eyes and then what he said changed the way of my thinking towards my marriage life.

“Rather than hoping, friend, decide!”



 A rich couple had a humble and hard-working son. The father found a rich bride for the son when he grew up.

The son was a man of values and respected hard work over luxuries. He denied the proposal of his father saying,” I have rather fallen for a girl who is beautiful and hard-working.”

On this, he had the obvious question from his parents, “Who is she?” The son replied,” She is non-other than our maid. She is hard-working and beautiful.” The rich minds of parents got filled with anger and they fired the maid.

Parents warned their son,” If you still wish to marry that maid, then leave the house and you won’t be given any share of the property.”

The boy took no minute to decide and declare what he wanted. He said,” I would rather reside where my love is because that is what is important for me,” and left the house.

He started living with the maid whom he considered his soul mate. Once his mother visited them to see the condition of his son in which he was living.

She said,” Son, here you are eating just black bread and sleeping on mere straws, whereas at our home you ate pies and slept on a featherbed. Don’t you think this place is not worth it for you to live?” Do you like to reside here?”

The boy answered,” A place where a person loves and is loved, is home to him.”




A couple happily married and 30 years had passed happily. On their 30th Anniversary, the wife backed a bun which she used to prepare every day as a part of their routine. She used to apply butter on both sides of the bun, cut it across and served as breakfast. She used to serve the top part of her husband.

But today, on the 30th anniversary, while she was serving the rosy top part of the bun to her husband, her mind got struck by a thought. She said to herself,” I have served this top part of the bun to him for 30 years and it was my dream to have it but I have never had it. I have served him and his family and raised his sons so well, so today it is my right to have this part of the bun.”

So she decided to keep that part for herself and serve the bottom to the husband. But going against her heart and tradition of 30 long years, her hands were shivering.

Her husband with a smile on his face accepted the bun and said,” Dear, it’s a wonderful gift that you have given me; I was longing to have this for 30 years. It is my favorite part. But I believe that the bottom part rightfully belonged to you and hence I never demanded it.”



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