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When My Father Didn’t Have My Hand…… He Had My Back

James was in his college days. He was fascinated and admired sports cars which he used to see at a showroom. His parents were financially well off and he was quite aware of this. So he requested his parents to gift that car on the day of his graduation.

At last, the day arrived. The father summoned James at his private office. He adored his son and expressed how lucky and proud he was to have him. He expressed all the love that he had for his beloved son and handed him a beautifully wrapped gift. The clouds of disappointment could be seen emerging on James’s face, however, he was curious to see what was hidden in that box. With surprise in his eyes, he opened the box in which there was a leather-bound Bible. James got furious and shouted at his father for gifting him just a Bible when he was so rich to gift him his dream car. He just walked off the house.

Time flew away and now James was a renowned businessman and owned a filthy rich house and had his own family too. But one corner of his heart was still wounded by the broken relationship with his father as after that graduation day he never saw the face of his father.

One fine morning, James received a note which read that his father passed away and according to his “will” all his wealth was to be inherited by James. On receiving this message James reached his father’s house and started searching for some important documents. Suddenly, his eyes stopped at that Bible, still wrapped in the gift-paper. He opened the Bible “the first time” with tears and pain. He saw a line which was underlined by his father that read,” And if ye, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your Heavenly Father give to those who ask Him?” No sooner did the life got completed something slipped from the back of the Bible on the floor, ‘the car keys’ and James knew which car it was. There was something else too, a tag with the date of his graduation and three heart touching words “Paid in full”.




Long-time back I used to render volunteer services at a hospital. A small girl was suffering from a deadly disease there in the hospital. The sole way out for her recovery was the blood transfusion from her five-year-old brother. The reason for this was he had also undergone the same disease and magically had recovered. Thus his blood contained the needed antibodies to fight against this disease.

Therefore, doctors discussed the situation with the little boy and asked if he could donate his blood to his sister. The boy, for a moment, hesitated but the very next second he agreed with a condition that if it would save his sister’s life could do anything.

The boy was lying next to his sister at the time of transmission. He looked at her and smiled with a thought that now his sister would be saved. But his smile got dim and face paled with the next thought. He asked the doctor in a shivering voice,” Will I die just in a few minutes?”

The boy thought that his entire blood was going to be transformed to save her life.








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