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It was a Christmas time and in a beautiful small house, a little girl was decorating a box with golden wrapping paper and quietly slipped it into the Christmas tree. In this act of surprise, she wasted the entire role of decorating paper which was a bit expensive and hence became the target of her father’s anger. The father punished her, and this was so because they were going through a financial crisis.

Nonetheless, the little girl surprised her father with a gift that she had brought.  “This is for you, Daddy”, said the girl. The father opened the box and his mind went out of control and got furious on seeing nothing inside the box,” Don’t you know that when you give a gift there has to be something inside the box?”


The girl’s heart got a little scared on her father’s anger and tears ran off her two little eyes, but then she said what she had brought for him,” Daddy, the box is not empty, I filled it with lots of hugs and kisses for you.”

Father was surprised and out of shame had nothing much but to hug her daughter and apologize to her.

Father preserved the box and used to place it next to his bed for many years. Whenever he got soaked in sadness and sorrow, he would just open the box and feel the eternal love that her daughter had the fill for him in that little box.

Alike that father, every individual owns a golden box of unconditional love that is gifted by parents, children, friends, and God. Indeed it is the most precious property that we possess.





There was a driver named George who had a wife and three children, - a small family. But he was so busy that had no time to take even one meal with his family. He used to dedicate his maximum hours to his work. To get a good job opportunity his evening time was devoted to his studies.


Often his family used to complained that he was not spending time with them, to which he used to give the same old reply every time,” I am doing this for our good, to provide you with every luxury that I can.”

George, soon after his exams, as expected, got a job that was offering him better pay. This job changed the scenario of the family. Now, George was capable to provide a bit more than the basic needs. He now provided his family with costly clothes, luxurious commodities or even vacations in a foreign land. It was not less than a dream come true lifestyle. But it seemed that still the family was not satisfied, as they were expecting George’s time, which was still a dream for them, as now he was working harder and used to be away for days together from family due to work.

All the sacrifices and hard work were remunerated by a promotion. Now George was promoted. He decided to ease the burden of his wife and so he hired a maid. George realized that their house was not enough for his family to accommodate. Hence a bigger and spacious one was required. This thought encouraged him for more hard work and study to gain higher promotion. Now, even his Sundays got occupied by his clients rather than his beloved wife and children. With all luxuries, still, when the family demanded his time, they were faced with the same old excuse.

A few days later George got promoted and purchased and shifted in his dream house. On the immediate Sunday after their shifting in this house, George announced to his family that no he would do now longer working hours and no more studies. He would now spend the time with them. George did not see the Sunrise.



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